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This Author's Challenging Dream In the Night and the Beginning His Blogsites

When this Author started developing these Blogsites, he determined never to use words like "I" and "ME." This decision was made to eliminate any possibility of "self glory." However, in this Blogsite it is impossible to hold to this because it is a personal story. So, let's start from the beginning. 

Walter's Story
I've been studying Bible Prophecy all of my adult life. Searching for correct Bible Doctrines is a daunting task. Literally hundreds of Denominations all claim they've got the Truth. It was NEVER God's design for there to be hundreds of Christian Denominations fighting among themselves and each claiming to have the True Gospel. Obviously the Powers of Darkness are delighted because Christianity is divided against itself. If we neglect to call on God's Holy Spirit as we search for Bible for Truth, the Un-Holy Spirits will come to our aid!  In this Blogsite we will look at a Doctrine Test that uncovers the Truth EVERY time!
    I'm Walter Carlton Martin Jr. Born July 17, 1941. When I was 3, my parents divorced, and I went to live with my Aunt Mary and Uncle Paul Dysinger. They had two children, Bill and Ruth who were in their mid to upper teens. The whole family was deeply spiritual and attended Church every weekend. They had family worship every day, sometimes twice a day. This environment established in me a strong desire to study the Bible as much as possible. As I heard Bible stories and discovered Bible characters who lived close to the Lord, I was inspired to do the same. From those early days with the Dysingers, Bible study became pretty much my hobby. I attended a Bible Based High School but was barely able to pass most classes, except Bible, in which I made A's. When I attempted College, I found it much too difficult and had no choice but to droop out.
      We'll fast forward to 1980. My wife and I had teenage children, but we were having difficulties with our marriage. It was the most depressed I had been up until that time, and I began to wish I could die.

The Dream that Changed Walter's Life
     Because of our marital condition, it became all to obvious that divorce was inevitable, so one evening before going to sleep, I prayed the following: "Lord, I cannot go on feeling the way I do! Either give me some purpose for life, or, please Lord, let me just die!" I went to sleep almost immediately, and I had a strange dream. In the dream, I somehow knew it was actually a dream, and that God was answering my request. I was standing on the Campus of the College I had attempted to attend 20 years earlier. A short man in a suit approaching me and handed me a folded piece of paper. Again, as I took the paper, I knew it was a dream and the answer to my prayer request. I open the paper and on it was written only the following: "Luke 5, 6, 7, and 8." I immediately awoke, picked up my Bible, and read all four chapters. I slept very little the rest of the night, and for several days kept reading those chapters and running them through my mind. Chapters 5 and 6 are Luke relating a Sermon from Jesus very similar the Sermon on the Mount recorded in Matthew. A key phrase is, "And why call Me Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say" (Lk.6:46). I decided this was what I must do to find the peace and happiness I needed. Luke 6 is a large list of things that Jesus said we must do. Almost all of the things Jesus said we must "do" involves returning good for evil, loving your enemies, and giving to people that you know are not going to return your kindness, but rather will return evil for good. I invite the Reader to read Luke 6:20-49 and ask yourself if you really are doing the things Jesus said we must "do."I'll not go into detail here, but from that time in 1981 till the present time, I've had to deal with people, a lot of people, making every effort possible to lie to me and about me, steal from me, and literally curse me, and, indeed return evil for good! At the end of this Blogsite, I'll give some very brief examples. It has been difficult, but Jesus said we should, "Rejoice" when these things happen. I haven't always rejoiced, and in fact, very often I've cried, but God has given me the Grace and strength needed.

Walter's Pre-Trib Rapture Friends
    At the time of the Dream, and for the next several years, on my job I worked with a large group of students studying to be Ministers. We all became close friends and they were all attending a Pre-Trib University, which means it taught the Pre-Tribulation Rapture. These friends were well versed in their Rapture Doctrines, and insisted that I should believe it also. For about a year our discussions were pretty much general, but as time passed the friends pressed me to purchase one of their Textbooks called, "Things to Come" by Dwight Pentecost. I did, and also purchased a Scofield Study Bible. I spent pretty much the whole of 1982 carefully and prayerfully studying the Pre-Trib book and the Scofield Bible. I wanted to be well versed in all Pre-Trib Dispensationalism's version of Eschatology (Study of End-Time Events). While studying, I was careful to pray for God to send His Holy Spirit to be my only Guide. I carefully checked the Bible reference texts and the Scofield Bible's footnotes, and discovered that, often the Bible Texts that were supposed to support the point being made actually disproved the point.

Friend's Challenge
     One of the University students became quite excited upon hearing that I was studying the Scofield Bible footnotes and the Pre-Trib Text Book  Daily he wanted to discuss what I was learning, but I had to be honest with him and tell him that the Book and the Bible Footnotes were not confirming what he wanted me to believe. The friend persisted, so, I compiled 12 of the most prominent Pre-Trib views, along with the Bible verses denying these views. He'd been urging me to join the Church he attended, so, I challenged him that if he reconciled just one of the 12 Bible Texts with Pre-Trib, I would join his Church. I shouldn't have done this, because it was sort of taunting him. Delighted he took the list home to get started. A few weeks later I asked how he was doing. He admitted he could not reconcile even one.  Thirty five plus years have past and none of those Pre-Trib friends have reconciled any of the 12 Bible verses with Pre-Trib Doctrine. We have a Blogsite called, "Pre-Trib's Causes for Pauses," featuring those 12 un-answered and unanswerable questions. When you finish reading this Blogesite, we'd like for you to check it out and see what you can do. If you do this and you have an answer, please send us your comments in the space provided at the bottom of each of our Blogsites.

     Just to re-emphasize that there's only one sure way to know if we are learning the real truth about the Bible, we must always seek the Holy Spirit. If those who established Christian Doctrines in the past had sincerely called on the Holy Spirit for guidance, Christianity would look much different today. There's also no doubt that if we fail to seek the help of the Holy Spirit, another Dark and Evil Spirit will absolutely come to our aid! Isaiah even addresses that "Other Spirit."

In Isaiah's time, some Israelites were dabbling with information they'd received from, as Isaiah put it, "Them that have Familiar Spirits, and Wizards that peep and mutter" (Isa.8:19). The Holy Spirit revealed to Isaiah a way they could test persons who were displaying signs of paranormal connections. "To the Law and to the Testimony, if they speak not according to this word, it is because they have no light in them"  (Isa. 8:20)! If we use this test today, a lot of what we call "Orthodox Beliefs" would completely fail.

The "Matching Scripture Test."
If we properly seek the Holy Spirit and apply the "Law and Testimony" test, we'll be safe. However, an incident with Paul at Berea shows that "Searching of Scripture" is also our responsibility (See Acts 17:11).
If we apply these methods honestly, with No Revising, Reversing, Rearranging, or Rejecting Scripture, God will see that we will find Truth.

Scripture Truth is not difficult to find and understand  if we follow the above steps and then take EVERY pertinent Scripture into consideration. This is the other place that too many Christians fail. Often they decide how they want a doctrine to agree with their desired lifestyle or preconceived notion, and they search for Scriptures that can be tweaked just enough to suit them. If even a little of this goes into our Bible study, we are off track already. As I've studied, I've asked the Holy Spirit to show me a Bible Doctrine Test that will expose every false doctrine that has found its way into the Church.

Test Question One
Does it Attack God's Character?
Does it bring reproach on God? If it does, it was invented by Satan, its a "Doctrine of Demons, and it's False - ALWAYS - No Exception! This may seem like a given, but if we stop and apply this test to many so-called "Orthodox" Doctrines, the results are shocking! This first question is the most telling of the 3-Part Test because every Doctrine of Demons Satan has introduced into Christianity is designed specifically to besmirch God's character! There are NO EXCEPTIONS!! When we apply the Test, it is shocking how many Doctrines have slipped into Christianity that are actually blasphemous attacks on God's Character. That's all Satan is about! It's now his ONLY purpose!

Test Question Two
Does it Allow or Promote Disobedience to God's Law?
Same as above! If the Doctrine gives permission to disobey God in any way, it's a Demonic False Doctrine - ALWAYS - Every Time - No Exceptions! As with the first Test, this is Satan's ONLY purpose! He wants to make us believe God has forced IMPOSSIBLE Rules upon us. This was the first sin found in Satan's heart while he was still Lucifer, the Chief of God's Holy Angels!

Test Question Three
Does it Disallow Freedom of Choice?
  If yes, it's False - ALWAYS! This seems confusing at first, but Freedom of Choice is the only reason God didn't destroy Satan when sin was first found in his heart while he was Lucifer and still in Heaven. God absolutely does NOT want Robot obedience!! He wants His Universe to be filled with creatures that obey Him because they CHOOSE to - because they WANT to - because they LOVE HIM!! He has no interest in people loving Him because they fear being tortured in a fire throughout eternity!!

How the Bible says Our World REALLY Ends
And now, in closing, we'll give a brief rundown of End-Time based on what I've discovered over the past 35+ years: If everything occurs in the order below, there are no Bible Prophecy contradictions,  no Scripture Texts need Revising, Reversing, Rearranging, or Removing.

What Happens Next ?  
Following is what is what my studying has determined will occur in the Last Days. I'm not alone in this. Literally Millions of other Bible Students have discovered the same after spending serious time in Prayer and Bible Study. We're not attempting win a Bible argument, or to persuade anyone to join any Denomination or Church. Our ONLY purpose is to point our Readers towards the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to be a tiny tool in God's hands as He prepares to bring an end to the sin and suffering of our lost and dying world. God's CHURCH is Earth's Last Best Hope for human kind!! Someday His Church will fulfill the Mission for which Jesus established it. That Mission is to reflect the Image of Jesus Christ so that all nations can witness the Saving Power and the Transforming Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Someday soon His Church will, once and for all, prove that Satan is lying when he proclaims that it is impossible to completely obey God, even when empowered with God's Spirit! When Christ's Church truly reflects this Image of Jesus, then, and ONLY THEN, will Jesus  come and take His Bride Home!! Satan knows this and has done everything in his fiendish power to introduce Doctrines of Demons into Christianity that reverse this Biblical fact. A prime example is his Doctrine of, "Grace Frees you from obeying God's Law!"

Satan is preparing for his last opportunity to defend his case while he is still in our present earthly setting! From the beginning of our planet, Satan declared that humankind, would not, could not, and did not want to remain obedient and faithful to their Creator. He lied!! Jesus came to earth as a human, and proved that humans who utalize the connection available to them from God's Spirit, they can be "Overcomers!" Christ's Bride, His Church, will prove to the World, and to every creature in God's Universe, that Satan lied. And His Church will accomplish this DURING the Great TRIBULATION!! This is the ONLY reason God allows the Tribulation! See our Blogsite "The Great Tribulation."

Antichrist - After His Deadly Wound 

  Antichrist, which is actually the Church after it became Apostate, as Paul Prophesied it would (2Thess.2:3; 2Tim.4:3), received a deadly wound in the year 1798 AD  Just before the Tribulation begins, Antichrist's Deadly Wound will be healed. In the last half of Revelation 13, John describes how Satan uses Antichrist in an attempt to force Christ's Church into receiving the Mark of the Beast. The Mark of the Beast will be, "Disobedience to God." See "Daniel's 70 Weeks" and "Antichrist's Name and Mark" and "Antichrist's Church."

First Part of Great Tribulation  
During the first part of the Tribulation, some of God's faithful followers will be killed by Antichrist's followers (See Matt.24:9). Jesus called the first portion of the Tribulation the, "beginnings of sorrow" (vs.8)! Antichrist's followers that persecute God's people will think they are following Jesus! As the "Beginnings of Sorrow" progress, the time will come when every person on earth will have had opportunity to choose whom they will serve. At that time, something very dramatic happens changing everything! This change will be good for God's Church, but horrid for those wearing the Mark of the Beast!  

Seven Last Plagues  
God's Church will suddenly be miraculously safe from Antichrist's followers wearing his Mark of the Beast. The first part of the Tribulation gives Satan a chance to afflict the Church as he did Job. Satan declares Christ's Church will give in to his affliction, but he'll be WRONG!! The last part of the Tribulation, the 7 Last Plagues, becomes God's time to punish Satan's followers because they took part in trying to destroy Christ's Church. The 7th of the 7 plagues is an earthquake such as has never been since earth was created. Devastation such as there are not words to describe will shake the earth to its very foundations (See Isa.24:18-21)! But suddenly, something GREAT Happens for God's Church:

Second Coming of Jesus  
When Jesus appears, every saved person since Creation rises to meet Jesus in the air (See1Corn.15:50-56; 1Thess.4:16-18; Matt.24:29-41)!! All of the righteous dead are raised and all the righteous living are caught up to meet Jesus in the air. All unsaved living are, "Destroyed by the brightness of Jesus Coming(2Thess.2:8), and they lie, unburied on the ground where fall, until 1000 years later (Isa.34:3; Jer.25:33). All un-saved will wait for another 1000 years before their resurrection (See Rev.20:5). All of the Redeemed go back with Jesus to Heaven to the homes He has prepared (See Jn.14:1-3; 1Cor.15:50-53; 1Thess.4:16-18)!  

 Millennium in Heaven   
The 1000 year Kingdom of Heaven is in Heaven, but it is NOT  a Millennial Kingdom!! It is an EVERLASTING KINGDOM!!! The Redeemed live in homes Jesus prepared for them (Jn.14:1-3). They "reign with Him a 1000 years" (Rev.20:6), but, there's no such thing as a "Millennial Kingdom!" Scripture calls it an EVERLASTING Kingdom!! For more on this see "Christ's Millennial Kingdom."All of the Redeemed reign with Jesus for a 1000 years, but the 1000 years simply means that is how long they reign from the location where Heaven is now. Something spectacular happens at the end of the 1000 years!!! The Everlasting Kingdom continues, but changes locations! More on that in a moment.  

 The Millennium on Earth - Satan's Bottomless Pit. 
 The most popular teaching on the Millennium is that Jesus sets up a Kingdom here on earth for a 1000 years. That popular Theory doesn't know how to address the fact that a "Millennial Kingdom" or "Thousand Year Kingdom" by its own definition would END after a 1000 years! The popular Theory's problems get worse when confronted with the dozens of Scriptures declaring that earth will be completely destroyed by fire at the end of the 1000 years!! Actually, almost all of Christianity teaches that Jesus sets up a 1000 year Kingdom here on earth!?! But, all proponents of these Theories have overlooked the fact that, after 7 devastating plagues, the last of which includes a world wide earthquake leveling every human structure on earth. Planet earth will then be in its worse condition EVER, since day one of Creation week!! Billions of unburied carcasses will be everywhere (Isa.34:3; Jer.25:33). Earth will have become Satan's Bottomless Pit, and a putrid pit it will be! He and his demons are literally forced to remain on earth for a 1000 years to get an up close and personal view of the horrible carnage that they caused! It is no wonder they "weep and wail and gnash their teeth" for a 1000 years. See "Satan's Millennial Kingdom." See also "Christ's Millennial Kingdom." For an interesting account from Isaiah about how Satan and his Demons are represented as strange un-recognizable animals "crying to each other" during the millennium, see "Animal/Demons in the Millennium."  

  The 1000 years are finished. Heaven, New Jerusalem, "Comes down from God out of Heaven" to Earth (Rev.21:2). A Glorious Sight!!! But John saw several other things happen at the end of the 1000 years. Let's put then in the only sequence they occur in.  

1. Jerusalem descends from Heaven  
2. All of the wicked from all time are resurrected  
3. Satan and the wicked (Gog and Magog) attempt to attack New Jerusalem  
4. The Great White Throne Judgment  
5. The wicked destroyed in the "Second Death" 6 - Jesus creates a "New Heaven and a New Earth" If we put these events in perspective, we can know what really happens at the end of the 1000 years. When the wicked dead are resurrected it will include every lost wicked person since creation. As soon as the wicked are raised, Satan, along with his Demons, go out to "deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of earth" (Rev.20:8)! Satan will then have an army, "the number of whom is as the sands of the sea" (Rev.20:8; Isa.14:9). Scripture is actually very clear that Satan's army will come from the resurrected wicked. See "Gog and Magog." Now let's look closer at the last of these events:

Satan and Army Attack New Jerusalem  
Satan and his army, Gog and Magog, humans and demons, surround New Jerusalem, ready to attack (Rev.20:9; Ezek.38:11-12). But there is NO attack!    

Great White Throne Judgment  
Satan and his wicked Angels along with every unsaved human since creation, surround New Jerusalem. But, instead of a battle, suddenly everyone sees God Almighty sitting on His Great White Throne. The very elements flee (Rev. 20:11). All the wicked are caught in the very act of attacking New Jerusalem. The books are opened and each sees his or her sins and the horrid results, and they know absolutely that they've made some horribly bad choices! "Every knee bows and every tongue confesses" (Isa. 45:23; Rom. 14:11; Phil. 2:10-11), but TOO LATE. Even Satan and his demons "Bow and Confess!" When Judgment is finished, the wicked, seeing it's too late for repentance, again prepare to attack New Jerusalem. But of course it is not to be! All Hell breaks loose!  

Hell Happens - ETERNAL Hell  
The wicked are destroyed by fire! They've chosen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time! "Fire comes down from God out of heaven and devours them" (Rev.20:9)! "The heavens [elements, or oxygen surrounding the planet] and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the Day of Judgment and the perdition (destruction) of ungodly men… the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat; the earth also and the works that are in it will be BURNED UP (2Pt.3:7,10). "For behold the day cometh that shall burn as an oven, and the proud, yea, ALL that do wickedly shall be stubble! And the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the Lord of Hosts, that it shall leave them neither root no branch" (Mal.4:1)! And where will the wicked be after they are "Burned up?" "And ye (the Redeemed, the Righteous) shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ASHES under the soles of your feet in the DAY (Judgment Day) that I shall do this, saith the Lord" (vs3)! How do we know that the burning of earth is the HELL that punishes and destroys sinners? Peter wrote, "But the heavens and the earth, WHICH ARE NOW, by the same word are KEPT IN STORE, reserved unto fire against the DAY OF JUDGMENT and PERDITION (punishment) of ungodly men" (2Pet.3:7)! This is a typical example of how we need not speculate about Hell being the center of the earth or whatever! Peter told us and if we leave it alone, we can know! New Heavens and New Earth The fires of Hell have completely purified earth! Sin and sinners are no more! Even Satan is completely gone. God has "Brought forth a fire from within Satan and brought him to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all them that looked upon him" (See Ezek.28:18), " and NEVER shalt he be ANY MORE" (See vs.19)! Earth is then as it was on day 1 of creation week, "without form and void." Jesus brings order out of chaos and once again creates a perfect world. Earth is again a Garden of Eden. God’s people have the homes Jesus prepared for them in New Jerusalem, and now they can build an additional, country home outside the City. A country home in God’s Paradise (Isa.65:21-25)! A country home and a city home! It doesn't get any better than this!! Truly, "Eye hath not seen nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that Love Him" (1Cor.2:9). And so we will leave it here! Our imagination is simply too limited! Now, all of the above is taken directly from God's Word. Nothing added and nothing taken away. Not a single Scripture anywhere in the Bible needed omitting or reversing - NOT ONE! No prophecies are left out! We must remember that many prophecies are conditioned on human response, and, since the humans fail to do their part, these prophecies/promises will not be fulfilled. It is very simple and plain when we let God's Word and His Spirit be our Guide! When our Theories conflict with Bible Facts, we have a choice! We can re-arrange our Theories, or we can re-arrange the Bible Facts. Satan would have us do the latter! LET"S NOT!!!

Satan's Opposition to These Blogsites
    I started puting the things I learned from studying those Pre-Trib Textbooks and my Scofield Bible around the year 1982. At first everything was in book form, but in 2009, I began dividing up the material into Blogsite format. I believe God arranged for me to spend work time with my Pre-Trib friends. It push me into studying end-time events. Pretty much from day one I could sense the Powers of Darkness opposing everything I did concerning the book. Very strange things occured that I will not elaborate here. God also arrenged for me to work in jobs in which I had no choice but to learn how to use computers. In High School I had attempted to take a Typing Class, and failed miserably. Even though I enjoyed English and Writing, I made barely passing grades. However the jobs God arranged for me to work in forced me to learn Typing, English Writing, and how to use Computers. In 1996 I purchased my first Lap Top Computer. It was an IBM brand and cost $1859. The quality was very good and soon all of my spare time was devoted to putting together chapters. However, from the very beginning, very strange things began happening; things that even the best Computer experts tell me cannot happen. These strange occurrences were most frequent when I was writing about Satan being destroyed in Hell. Also, there are certain Doctrines of Demons that the Powers of Darkness especially hold dear because these doctrines have been so successful in deceiving people. Every time I would begin putting together rebuttal of these evil doctrines, my computer would act up in ways that can only be explained as outside the realm of possibilities.

Human Interferences
I have gone through about 6 Computers since purchasing that original IBM, and every one has had these strange behavior patterns. At the same time as I knew I was having strange things with my Computers, there were numerous clashes with many people in my life.There were some that were continuously coming to me literally crying and begging for me to help them. Often this help was in the form of finances. Some one close to me would need a car because they had no transportation for work. I always tried to remember my Dream, and how Jesus said I should "Give expecting nothing in return" (Lk.6::35), and how He said,  "And him that taketh away thy Cloak, forbid no to take thy Coat also" (Vs.29). After helping such persons purchase a car, the person would treat me with total disrespect. Even though I would let these things go, the persons would tell everyone in my family that they had paid back the money. One person need some expensive dental work involving several thousand dollars. After she made a few payments, she stopped, and began telling my family she had paid it off. The incidents mentioned here can be multiplied many times over, and to this day the people involved literally curse whenever my name is mentioned. But, Jesus said we should, "Rejoice" (Vss.22-23), but human nature being what it is, we cannot, in our own strength, rejoice under these circumstances. Many was the time, I'd literally cry at night or while driving my car.

Physical Affliction
Over the past 7 years, since I began putting together these Blogsites, I've had pains that the Doctors have been unable to identify, even after many testing procedures. Some of these pains would come and go with no explanation whatever. Some of these pains would involve the passing of blood, but still with never an explanation. Again, the Bible says we are to consider it a blessing when these afflictions occur, and so I did, but not without, again, some literally tears.

All that I've shared above is a small sample of the ways the Powers of Darkness have opposed me. However, I'll leave it there because, when people make a big deal of their trials and tribulations, it goes from being an inspiration to others to becoming a, "Pity Party," and such whining does nothing to further God's cause. I feel God is urging me to continue doing everything possible to share what I learned back in 1982 and onward.

Thank you, Dear Reader, for your time. Below is a list of our other Websites. Let's pray for God's Spirit to guide us into all truth as we approach the coming Last Day Events!!
Your Brother  in Christ
Walter C. Martin Jr.
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